Special Negroni Club at the Salone Internazionale del Gusto – Terra Madre, Turin

Special Negroni Club was invited to join the stand of the Friends of the Toscano Cigar at the tenth annual Salone del Gusto - Terra Madre, the prestigious taste event held in Turin.

On this occasion, the Club, recognised by the trade press as one of the top twelve in Tuscany, presented the special Piedmont truffle Negroni, Il Conte, the pride of the Special Negroni Club One Ring brand of Negroni mixes.

Aged for at least five months, Il Conte, has high alcohol content gin, harmonies and nuances that distinguish it from the classic Negroni. Il Conte does not like the cold and should be served without ice. Perfect company for one of the limited edition Toscano cigars created for the 150thanniversary of Unification of Italy (no longer in production but available on this occasion).


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