The tale of the Gallo del Negroni

The symbol of One Ring brand and Special Negroni Club cocktail bars is the Gallo del Negroni. Placed in the centre of a gold ring, the Gallo is the background of our bottle label One Ring – Anagram cocktail , became a trade mark.

We wrote a fairy tale to present our symbol:

The tale of the Gallo del Negroni

There was once a fine, proud and beautiful cockerel. However he did have one tiny foible; he loved his Negroni. So every now and then he’d call in at the "Negroni Club" in Via Regia for drink and a chat with Filippo and Josy.

On leaving, happy and content after a couple of Negronis, he would lay two or three beautiful, shiny, red eggs. This puzzling phenomenon left no one more pleasantly surprised than he himself.

Here at the bar we keep a few as a memento and, although we haven’t seen that extraordinary, magical cockerel for a while, sooner or later he’ll be back… sure as eggs are eggs!


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