One Ring –The origins

At the Special Negroni Club of Viareggio we’ve been making Negronis for over a decade. Inspired by our passion for this classic cocktail, we’ve crafted our own secret formula, the popularity of which lead to the idea of bottling this very special, very Italian mix.
Our ready-to-drink Negroni has proved so successful at the Club that we’ve decided the time is right to make it available to Negroni lovers everywhere.

Why choose One Ring?

With its Mediterranean colour,aromatic and sensual flavour and distant note of freshly picked citrus, One Ring can be enjoyed by both men and women as an aperitif, after dinner or at the end of an evening, in company or alone.
In addition to our classic Negroni, a variety of nuances - honey, chilli, truffle andabsinthe -flavour our Ficus, 8 ½ ,SorrisoViareggino, Modì and Maremma. And last but not least, our celebrated Il Conte, with a higher alcohol content and served without ice, is very much a drink for contemplation.
To enhance the aesthetic pleasure and taste experience, we recommend serving One Ring on the rocks in a tumbler, garnished with half a slice of orange.


The origins of the One Ring Trademark

We devised theOne Ring trademark as a riddle to appeal to the imagination of Negroni aficionados, as we’ll explain…
We chose a cockerel, or more exactly, “Il Gallo del Negroni” to epitomise our cock-tail and our Club.
What makes “Il Gallo del Negroni” so extraordinary is that every now and thenhe lays shiny, red eggs

Befittinghis importance, we later placed him in in the centre of a precious gold ring bearing the inscriptionVermouth - Gin – Bitter, the main ingredients.
This One Ring symbolises not only our unique variation of the classic, it is also part of the puzzle - an anagram of Negroni.
Il Gallo del Negroni is the proud ambassador for the One Ring brand, escorting our Negroni, ready to serve, drink and savour at any time, around the world.

The tale of the Gallo del Negroni

There was once a fine, proud and beautiful cockerel. However he did have one tiny foible; he loved his Negroni. So every now and then he’d call in at the "Negroni Club" in Via Regia for drink and a chat with Filippo and Josy. On leaving, happy and content after a couple of Negronis, he would lay two or three beautiful, shiny, red eggs. This puzzling phenomenon left no one more pleasantly surprised than he himself.

Here at the bar we keep a few as a memento and, although we haven’t seen that extraordinary, magical cockerel for a while, sooner or later he’ll be back… sure as eggs are eggs!