"An idea, a history of success. Enthusiasm, professional expertise, future prospects. "

Special Negroni Club was established in 2005 in the old-town of Viareggio on the coast of Tuscany.

The club is small and friendly with a warm atmosphere resonating to blues music and the clinking of ice in tumblers of Negroni.

Here, the historic Florentine cocktail has a new flavour, a secret recipe – the brainchild of Filippo Mori.

With thousands of supporters from around the world, Special Negroni Club organises events and participates in large fairs like the Peperoncino Festival in Diamante (Calabria) and the Salone Internazionale del Gusto e Terra Madre in Turin.

There is no shortage of ideas and initiative at the Special Negroni Club including its own secret recipe, pre-mixed Negroni and an internationally appealing label, “One Ring”. Made in Italy with passion for one of the most famous cocktails in the world.